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Cyber-attacks are increasing exponentially causing damage to a customer's brand, business reputation & operations. Frauds, privacy loss and non-compliance with government regulations are the key drivers for investments in cyber security. Cyber security tools DETECT, ANALYSE, PROTECT and PREVENT from such attacks .

Need : Little or no efforts has been done to train the actual End user on the methodology of attacks and how hackers can cause havoc to an organisation or in their personal lives.(by using Social engineering and phishing techniques). Our solutions help to bridge this gap by offering SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING for end users


  • We track the organisations Infosec maturity and help to maintain it at optimum levels despite environmental changes.

  • We drive the INFOSEC culture within the organisation .


The InfoSec team has become increasingly independent. It jointly works with both the CIO & CISO office. It operates 24x7 and has its SOC - Security Operations Centre to detect and prevent external or internal malicious actors from causing damage to any organisations' digital assets today.

SOC infrastructure needs advance tools for preventing the attacks & respond effectively to an attack . These security tools are like the weapons in a cyber war. Organisations spend millions of dollars in buying these tools.

Need : Due to the heavy demand of Cybersecurity professionals both Globally & in India , most customers face an issue of talent gap.

We help to bridge this talent gap by offering TRAINING & CERTIFICATION Courses on various key technologies.